We are a team of two couples, each with four kids and a passion (aka necessity) for wine! Like any good story, it all started with gathering around a good bottle of vino.

A Wine Journey began as a vision of creating a community of passionate people who seek to embrace the discovery of life through people, places, stories and of course...wine! And not just any wine, but incredible wine that comes with a good story. When meeting with a winemaker or winery owner, often times it's the stories of how the grapes were harvested, the choices made during fermentation and the nuances of barrel selection that sucks you in and creates a bond with the wine even before tasting it. It's knowing you're about to taste something that a small business owner has poured their blood, sweat and tears into and when that first swirl, sniff and sip happens... it's nothing short of magic. This experience is what A Wine Journey strives to give our members by sharing our discoveries of remarkable wine from small-production, women and minority winemakers while connecting you to the personalities and stories behind them. Cheers! 


We seek to take you on a journey by sharing our discoveries of remarkable wine made from small-production, women and minority winemakers while connecting you to the personalities and stories behind them. Cheers!

❝ We aspire to build a community of fellow wine lovers who search to uncork the adventure in every bottle.❞


Ryan McCormick

Proprietor / The Wine Guy

I have a true love of learning, teaching and drinking wine. I've been in the wine industry for about eight years and during that time I've received a WSET 3 certification and had the honor of being a panelist at the 2021 DTC Wine Symposium. I'm currently pursuing the Certified Specialist of Wine Certification with the Society of Wine Educators.

My first experience with wine was drinking 2000 lire wine in Florence, Italy while studying abroad at twenty years old. That was the first time I connected the magical integration of people and wine. I was then stung by the wine bug when I started working at a winery several years later.  There is something special about seeing a product created from infancy to end up in the hands of so many smiling faces.  The culture coupled with the history of wine create a script for an endless wealth of experiences. I seek to share wine experiences with as many people as I can.

Fun Fact: A weekly staple while just out of college, my roommates and I used to pitch in for a case of "two buck chuck" Cabernet Sauvignon from Trader Joes. Not ashamed.

Kristina McCormick

Proprietor / The Social Butterfly

I thrive on making connections, so handling our social media accounts, networking and collaborating with other incredible people in the industry is my thing! I'm WSET 1 certified and currently pursing my WSET 2 certification. Wine aside, I'm proud to have been a guest speaker for the 2014 Walk for Lupus which is a cause I'm extremely passionate about. 

I always had a like for wine but when we moved to Temecula, California and my husband (aka Ryan McCormick) started working at a winery, I began to develop a true LOVE for wine. He brought home different wines as his “homework” and of course I helped him with all that studying! I started to fall in love with all the different nuances of winemaking and wine…from the vines to the bottle to the glass. The stories in each bottle and stories shared over a bottle of wine are fascinating to me!

Fun Fact: I once performed on stage singing backup and dancing for the lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry, at a popular karaoke bar in Hollywood!

Jason Payne

Proprietor / The Numbers Guy

I handle most of the legal matters for A Wine Journey along with all things spreadsheet related. I have my MBA and am currently pursuing my WSET 2 certification. 

Slowly over the years I went from a beer drinker, to Craft beer drinker and then made my way into Wine until wine became my permanent beverage of choice. Not just for it's taste but for the stories behind how it ended up in the bottle. From the vines the grapes were grown on, to the winemakers who produced it. Now I consider myself a “Professional Wino”.

Fun Fact: I played collegiate football on a scholarship at Boise State University.

Misty Payne

Proprietor / The Creative Guru  

I'm in charge of all things design from the website to branding to the fun illustrated wine infographics we share on social media. I'm WSET 1 certified and currently pursing my WSET 2 certification. 

My wine journey began ages ago when I worked in the hospitality industry and was able to sample wines from all over the world. It wasn't until I began traveling with my husband (aka Jason Payne) to local wineries and meeting the people behind the scenes where I began a deep appreciation for wine. I love that wine binds people together... over a glass or a meal and lasting memories are made! 

Fun fact: I once wrote a motherhood blog following the birth of our 4th child while wondering if I would ever wear clean clothes or enjoy a non-chicken-finger meal ever again.