Carol Shelton of Carol Shelton Wines is a pioneer female winemaker we're honored to showcase! With over four decades of producing some of the most delicious wine, it's not just the awards or accolades that impresses us most but instead, the trailblazing spirit and steadfast passion Carol emanates in her beautiful wine. 

After 20 years of making wine for several industry giants, Carol and her husband, Mitch, launched their own label in 2000 where Carol continues to focus on her favorite varietal, Zinfandel! Carol sources her grapes from some of the region's most iconic vineyards and maintains close partnerships with each grower to ensure the wines express the unique terroir of the valley.

 Carol’s road to becoming a winemaker had a very early and unusual start. When she was six, her mom developed an “identify the scent” game using herbs and spices out of their kitchen cabinet. It quickly became apparent that Carol not only possessed a great sense of smell, but she was remarkably adept at figuring out the new smells as the game evolved. As Carol recalls, “it was probably the beginning of my path into the wine industry”.