Desparada is the chronicle of winemaker Vailia From’s twists, turns and epiphanies. Working with 17+ of California's Central Coast’s most iconic vineyards and a growing arsenal of amphorae, Vailia creates inspired, elegant wines free of stylistic constraints. These are wines for a new world, rooted firmly in the wonder of the old. 

"Vailia... I know, it's kind of an odd name. I was named after my grandmother, my mom's mom. I'd like to think that I got some of her strength, confidence, and pluck. She showed me the importance of packing light, keeping your friends close, and following your heart. That's where the name comes from -  here's the stuff that you want to know: before I dropped out of high school, I was a 4H star and a straight-A student. I once got arrested in an airport for forgetting that my grandmother's beretta was in my purse. I spent two years living in a 1977 Royal International trailer on Pine Hawk vineyard, where the idea of Desparada was born. I make my own deodorant."

~ Vailia From

Desparada Wines_Vailia From
 ❝ There's something in wine that kept me. I'm a traveler by nature, and Desparada is what carries me.❞
~Vailia From