Oded Shakked, Longboard's winemaker and proprietor, was born in Israel and grew up splashing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean where he became the 1st surfer in his hometown. While surfing and building surfboards was his passion, wine captured his heart while on a surfing trip to Portugal. Life was never the same after that! Oded pursued winemaking at UC Davis which led to the opening of Longboard Vineyards in 1998. The diversity of Sonoma County's soil, climate, and people have made this region Oded's second native home, half a world away, yet a spiritual neighbor of his birthplace. Warm, confident, independent, refined but down-to-earth; Oded's personality is reflected in every wine he makes!

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 ❝ To me, winemaking is a perfect combination of Art, Science and Agriculture; a craft that keeps you on your toes and never ceases to teach you something new - just like surfing.❞
~Oded Shakked